• "I find the treatment at Ormya to be very professional and sweet, never was I disappointed, as my request for big brows and bright vibrant eye shadows are always fulfilled. My face stands out and my make up lasts. I'm always pleased when I visit Ormya".

    Latoya Valued Customer

  • "ORMYA! is an amazing company, the passion is visible in the work, I was impressed with the work that was done on me, please continue to inspire others".

    Sherry Valued Customer

  • "I love the professionalism, passion for make up and cleanliness. When I leave after my face has been done, I feel like doing a photo shoot (which we have after every session by the way) .Ormya's make up makes me feel empowered and confident to go about my day, not to mention they consistently deliver the highest quality every time and that's what I love the most about them".

    Niska Valued Customer

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